Farming and the carrying of farming related risks are not for the faint hearted. It is therefore incredibly important that there is an understanding of the industry. Farming and related activities have very unique and specific risk exposures not catered for in a traditional Commercial Insurance policy. Western has developed a tailored product specifically designed for this industry. Allowing your advisor to look at the risk assumptions of your agri-operation, and ensuring the correct type of product is selected for these risks, will provide you, the farm owner, with the peace of  mind required to ensure the smooth continued operation of your business.

Features and benefits

Providing cover for the specific and unique requirements of the Agricultural industry including the personal effects of the owner. The product has been packaged with a number of inclusive extensions and also offers a range of additional “optional extensions”. In addition to the standard multiperil sections, Agri business does have unique exposures related to the additional sections of cover mentioned here. All of which are available in our product.